Who decides (and how)?

Most prize categories will be decided by a panel of 4 judges (below). However there will also be an online engagement category that will be decided by the whole internet.

The judges, all "famous" kayaking video persons of their generation, are...

 Screenshot 2015-02-24 17.21.04

Joe Rea Dickens

Producer of High, and chief explorer/journalist on the All India Kayak Expedition. relevantsite.com

Watch: Too High (2013)

Nick Horwood

Director and producer of Vaniljesaus, former NSR boss.

Nick's first notable production, released before the days of YouTube, was Jam (2006)... Named after the only food they could afford in Norway.

Watch: Vaniljesaus (2012)

Max Bilbow

Managing Director of Rattle Media, and Mastermind & Producer of the Means Of Production films.

While most people remember Max for Mop 1 & 2, his first notable appearance was was in Hypoxia (Big Hole Flushes); by far max's most viewed kayaking video.

Full movie & bonus material: Means of Production 2008

However their popularity pales in comparison (rather depressingly) to "Baby monkey fighting kitten".
See Max's Blog for top video production tips.

Dave Manby

Pioneer of the sport, and legend in his own time, Dave Manby was part of the 1976 British Dudh Kosi expedition that made history, becoming the first kayakers to descend the Dudh Kosi river that runs off Mount Everest. www.davemanby.com

On the BBC: The Dudh Kosi Expedition (1979)

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